From expert advice to full scale hands on business transformation around Digital Oilfield Initiatives

Who we are

DOFAS is a highly specialized, innovative and independent industry-leading team of experienced O&G consultants.

For whom

Our Service portfolio addresses all those companies with DOF initiatives underway or at planning stages.

What we offer

DOFAS offers vendor neutral seasoned SMEs for DOF assessment and reviews.


If you are a seasoned independant SME in any of the DOF related fields, you may want to join the DOFAS Consultant group and become available for DOF Assessments and Reviews.

Triple Seven® Change Management Framework for (digital) change.

Change processes are meant to successfully drive key developments as a business merger or the launch of new technology or digitalization efforts, for example. The most important goals are to ensure that technology works, processes are realigned, disruptions are...

When a Dinosaur goes digital

Asset builders are cultural dinosaurs when it comes to making The Change. Dinosaurs that know they have to invest in next-generation technology with a new mindset before extinction hits them. That will allow them to move towards new efficiency and economic benefit coming from digitally enabled new services.

Those Human Things

Did you ever notice that the more advanced technology your company installs, the less effective your work may become? If that is your case – and the latest study of Accenture again says 60% of new digitalization projects fail to deliver – your leaders may not believe...

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