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This Website will disappear soon. Please look us up at: www.realtimechange.es/en

Who we are

DOFAS is a highly specialized, innovative and independent industry-leading team of experienced O&G consultants.

For whom

Our Service portfolio addresses all those companies with DOF initiatives underway or at planning stages.

What we offer

DOFAS offers vendor neutral seasoned SMEs for DOF assessment and reviews.


If you are a seasoned independant SME in any of the DOF related fields, you may want to join the DOFAS Consultant group and become available for DOF Assessments and Reviews.

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How important is Communications to Digital?

How important is Communications to Digital? On a scale of ten: eleven. Communications is the oil in the engine of digital transformation. With well understood and structured communications any digitalization effort ads a key element of success. Easy enough and...

DX Oil & Gas: How much will our world change?

Upstream Digital Transformation doesn't mean that O&G enterprises will become lean online companies. Digitalization is not fundamentally changing the business. We are still producing oil & gas. What it should do is leverage technology for increased efficiency,...

Managers are scared stiff (too)

The biggest challenge of innovation projects is making people actually work with whatever has to be improved, changed or innovated (digitalization, robotization, new soft, automation…). Statistics say that around 70% of all projects do not deliver against marked...

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