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Upstream needs to develop in-house Change Leadership | Upstream needs to develop in-house Change Leadership |

Digital Oilfield (IOF) project implementation and operations have a hard time dealing with the people management side of projects ever since the first projects kicked off some 15 years ago. The interest in digitalization of oilfields is bigger than ever and increasingly embedded in wider business changes. About time to find better ways to deal with people issues.

Change Leadership Office

Today it’s widely understood that Change Leadership is the Key Driver for business changes and that this is an untransferable internal responsibility that should be deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, even with a formalized Change Leadership Office that delivers know-how, expertise, capacity and planning and budgeting while coaching and training all managers (towards leadership) on all business-critical company projects. This is not different for the Upstream O&G industry and IOF projects but has not yet been detected or applied to my knowledge. In IOF projects it was (and is) common habit to ask vendors to take the change lead.

The reason for this development is no other than the fact that changes are now so massive, fast and continuous at all levels of “The Stack” (Technology, Business, Operations, and Policymaking), that it becomes impossible to develop any vision in isolation and undoable to implement anything not done in cross-collaborative ways, using new collaboration tools in open and fast settings. So it does affect the whole stack and thus, the existing culture of any Upstream enterprise.

The “old” integration story between IT and OT, for example, is now just part of a much wider challenge. New Tech, like machine-to-machine language, data compression Tech (unhackable) and such, all going mainstream short notice, will completely disrupt the traditional ways of working and roles.

To stay in the game and on top, it means adjusting the organization in all aspects and that can only be done building up internal CM muscle as its the chain of command that has the sole responsibility and obligation and the authority and if well done, the respect and the trust of their employees, to lead them through these turbulences.

Start building own change leadership competence and expertise

Building own change leadership competence and know-how will bring line and consistency in approach, strategies, and policies, no matter what the next project will be, which vendor is selected or what technology comes along. A Change Leadership Office allows O&G enterprises to:

  • Develop and own the methodology
  • Develop and own the toolset
  • Continuous improvement focus on tool development
  • Developing and owning the training plan
  • Developing and maintaining communities of stakeholders
  • Coach Sponsors
  • Coach managers and supervisors
  • Provide change management resources (people) to specific projects
  • Provide advisory CM support to teams
  • Portfolio management of all change projects in the company.
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Risk and Benefits management
  • A central repository of information from all change managers (internal and vendors)

Building up own CM expertise and execution capabilities to the level of becoming a business standard with defined work processes, controlled by the company, is probably the best way to start dealing with the unpredictable. 

At DOFAS we gladly help you take that road.