MeDOFAS prepared Qatar Petroleum Staff designated to work in Real Time Operations Centers using 2-day Emotional Intelligence Workouts tailored to their specific needs. The teams evaluated the Workouts with an average of 9,2 on a scale of 10, stating that this kind of learning should be standardized for all company staff.

DOFAS believes that E&P staff designated to RTOCs need to be thoroughly prepared not only technically but above all mentally to be able to make the transition from existing ways of working, often hierarchical, bureaucratic and in isolation, to new ways of engagement which are by definition real-time, collaborative and in open environments. This is a huge change for most people (and their managers) and they need to overcome individual doubts, fears, and resistance. Emotional Intelligence Workouts help them bridge this gap quickly and accurate.

Me first

One of the other innovations of DOFAS is the order of working. André Baken: “Most projects try to work from organization needs towards the individual, trying to influence or convince him or even oblige him.  Nothing of that works as such approach doesn’t consider the basics of human nature: me first, then the team, then the organization.”


We were very lucky to have IOF project manager Mohammad Al-Qhatani willing to explore better ways of engaging staff. His deep understanding of human nature made him fully aware that transitioning people is a much slower and intimate process than the change of the technology itself. They do not align in time, yet all IOF projects I have seen pretend to squeeze people transition into a change management project timeline (and tender). That’s nonsense. People will move one at a time and whenever they are ready. It should not be on the same project timelines as the technology deployment but start much earlier. Obliging staff or even forcing them before they are ready will bring you the opposite results of what you were looking for. They need to believe in themselves and their team before they can find inspiration and motivation to look into the company needs and eventually move on to new ways of collaboration. That’s what we help them with during Emotional Intelligence workouts. This does hugely speed up the process.”


André Baken working with the QP IOF Waterflood management Team


What in detail was covered during these innovative workouts?

To help QP Staff better understand themselves DOFAS focused on the following subjects:

  1. Understanding Yourself
  2. Expressing emotions
  3. How about your self-esteem?
  4. Dealing with your feelings
  5. Cooling down, a few tricks
  6. Your personal balance of basic needs
  7. Your values and norms
  8. How do I see myself? (And how do others see me?)
  9. Negative thoughts
  10. Positive thoughts
  11. Go after your dream; objectives, and priorities
  12. Dealing with criticism and mistakes (of yourself)
  13. Dealing with criticism from others
  14. Prevent or resolve conflicts



Staff enjoyed participating as DOFAS believes that enjoying learning is highly effective and stated they learned a great deal about themselves and their motivations and behaviors while losing fear for new endeavors like IOF. They showed readiness for the next step in the DOFAS method (learn how to work together) designed to prepare staff for IOF/RTOC type of working. Their motivation and moral where boosted and they started to act as ambassadors of IOF to the level that C-suite managers heard about it and requested their own involvement.

We would like to thank QP management for the opportunity to help innovate staff involvement and preparation for IOF/RTOCs operations.

André Baken