Next week I will be addressing the main pitfalls and opportunities in the deployment and operations of Digital Oil Fields or Intelligent Oilfields, during IFEDC, the International Field Exploration and Development Conference in Xi’an, China.


I will talk about key success factors, what works, what doesn’t work and most common mistakes to avoid.

The need for a clearly defined and monetized value proposition and business case is another subject to deal with, so managers can compare the IOF investments with other alternatives, like for example the straight forward drilling of new wells.

Further I will present the DOFASHealth™ tool, making the case that IOF can bring billions if well managed and investments are adequately balanced, also considering the wider Intelligent Operations context.


It needs a mind shift of both vendors and E&P managers, bringing IOF initiatives to mainstream. The proportions of the potential gains of well executed IOF projects justify such shift at all times, but it happens seldom as the monetized value is unknown and most projects are seen as technology initiatives only and located too low in the organization to be properly focused and managed.

Finally I will address the immature relationship between client and vendor which in many cases leads to a negative spiral of IOF project failure and mutual accusations of culpability, with nobody seriously willing to analyze the root-cause to the bone to find out what needs to be corrected.”


DOFAS helps people and organizations to change in a systematic and effective way.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss these subjects in depth while in Xi’an or at any later moment: