How Culture always screws up Innovation

(Digital) Innovation is equal to change. Not only technological change, which is  “just” a conditioner but above all changes in the way you organize your business and operations and consequently, the way your people engage (with each other) and work (now together)...

Companionship of the past against 10% Gallup

Currently less than 10% of European employees feel “involved” in what they do. They do not feel belonging and mistrust their organization and their leaders. It is a catastrophic fact. 10% is unacceptable and surmountable; there are different solutions to “always”.

Triple Seven® Change Management Framework for (digital) change.

Change processes are meant to successfully drive key developments as a business merger or the launch of new technology or digitalization efforts, for example. The most important goals are to ensure that technology works, processes are realigned, disruptions are...

When a Dinosaur goes digital

Asset builders are cultural dinosaurs when it comes to Innovation. Dinosaurs that know they have to invest in next-generation technology with a new mindset before extinction hits them. That will allow them to move towards new efficiency and economic benefit coming from digitally enabled new services.