During the 30 years that I worked with large companies, my clients looked for ways to encourage their employees to “cross silos” and be more collaborative. Even in the last decade, more than ever, everyone wants to be agiler, connected, innovative, and digital and are looking for ways to make the most of the knowledge and potential they already have in their companies.

New “hypes & tendencies” are born every year in the search for solutions. Agile (with Scrum), WOL (Work Out Loud), Constellations, Mindfulness, LEGO-Play, Horse Sense … Not a year goes by without another tool to prove to HR and increasingly desperate executives that “it” can be done. Nevertheless, this “soft” piece turns out to be the Achilles heel for most projects.

All these tools have value if they are used in the right context and at the right time, but they are tools, not solutions! The solutions come from the hand of a strong and honest leadership towards the “liberation” of the minds of employees. It means reducing their fears and creating the trust (mutual) so that they can interact and collaborate in an uninhibited way. Trust is at the center of everything that will be possible afterward.

Horsepower, can that work?

In (Barcelona, Spain) we gather the energy that allows us to follow the effective path of the empowerment of transformational leadership and the creation of mutual trust as the basis of everything else.

Literally using horses allow us to reach in a very short time the deepest emotions of the teams and leaders and achieve progress and results unknown until today. Disinhibition allows to work self-leadership (before team leadership) and self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, and values. Stronger and empathic leaders are born, capable of understanding their own fears and worries and those of their teams. Teams become more self-confident, more honest and more open to try and experiment.

It’s one of the few tools I have used outside the military pool of tools, that is able to open the doors on the fly and allow entering a more holistic Change Management strategy that anchors these new behaviors through the development of internal structure and capacity. In the end, it is not the tools that will give you the result, but your leaders and employees, collaborating with each other, without fear, with confidence. Achieving this is the real challenge for any company and any leader..

DOFAS can help the O&G industry and related industries and partners to kickstart their much-needed innovations and changes, and build actionable strategies. We know most of the tools for individual, small group or large team engagement and if you would like to experiment how to speed up things working with our horses, Barcelona is waiting for you. (+34 667631510).