SPE workshop on institutionalizing IOFs:

“There is no such thing as an intelligent oil field. There are only intelligent people creating intelligent organizations”. That would be my conclusion from last week’s SPE workshop in Bali I was lucky to attend on the subject of Institutionalization of IOF’s.

60 people from leading oil & gas companies and vendors involved in DOF/IOF developments, came together during this 4-Day workshop to study, discuss and explore the past, present and future of Intelligent Oil Fields.

From “Produce to the Limit” (Shell) to “From Good to Great” (ConocoPhillips)
During the intensive workshop days companies and vendors presented, explained and discussed their models and experiences with IOF developments so far. Interesting to observe for me is the recent mind shift of some leading companies from technology deployment “only” as the center of the IOF-model towards more integrated and holistic IOF-approaches that put the People in the center. This shift becomes manifest in the approach from for example ConocoPhillips for the recent very successful Ekofisk Oilfield IOF turn-around project that clearly choose for a model that includes and balances disciplines like Organization, Technology, Continuous Improvement, HR, Leadership, Culture and Communications, getting very close to the Triple-7 Model I developed in recent years. I couldn’t agree more with that choice. Keywords here are enabling collaboration, knowledge sharing, accelerated learning, multiskilling environments, transparency and communication, while acknowledging that IOF projects are mayor game changers.




Any Model is as good as the people that use it.
Another worthwhile learning is that whatever model one has, it will always be as good as the people that promote and use it and that are upper management in the first place. Success comes with a clear vision, meaning, purpose and the right doses of passion and drive from managers.

Soon SPE will be publishing some own notes on the workshop. I hope the above short personal heads up will awaken some interest as those and many other topics like relationship reshaping between vendors and oil companies, strategic alliances, permanent occupation or virtualization of RTOCs, closed loops in Ops and many related issues were debated.
Compliments to SPE for the great organization and execution and as a topic surely worthwhile deepening and discussing further.

André Baken