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The business concept | The business concept |

The business concept

DOFAS provides consultancy and integrated full scale hands on business transformation services around Intelligent Oilfield initiatives.
We offer a team of highly experienced consultants with a wide range of backgrounds from Psychology, Information Technology, Strategic Management, Process Management and Social Sciences who can provide advice that address the opportunities and the most common causes of delay, malfunction or even failure as related to initially marked goals.

We structure our assessment along three dimensions:


Managers, (team) leaders and end users can make or break the DOF initiatives depending on their degree of acceptance, promotion and usage of new technologies and ways of working and collaborating. The most successful DOF programs are those with solid and balanced change management- and communications strategies, implemented by experienced mixed teams of in-house and external SMEs.


DOF programs cut deeply through existing processes and workflows which need to be revised and often completely redone as a consequence of DOF implementation. This part of DOF is critical as it paves the road for future collaboration and real time data analysis in new settings like RTOCs or CWEs. It’s only too well known by now how critical this part of the program is and therefore it makes a good candidate for second opinions and reviews, before, during and after.


The main focus of DOF programs lies often with technology, attracting most of the attention and budgets. Most of the DOF related technology though has gone through trial and error phases and one may say that big parts of it are becoming commodities. Yet it’s not a bad idea to get vendor neutral opinions on how they are implemented and used. There are also areas of concern that needs special attention because of the risks or opportunities they present.