Values and Philosophy

DOFAS is a lean team with global reach, a no nonsense approach, low cost-base and fast delivery.
As independent consultants we understand and respect the interests and needs of all stakeholders, while looking for real program value and suggesting improvements where necessary. We know that many company’s engaged in DOF initiatives risk focusing too much on one of the three dimensions (people, processes, technology) at the expense of the others, which creates imbalances and, ultimately, increases the risk of lower-than-expected returns.
We believe that DOF results come with a holistic approach, balancing the companies needs with the people’s needs, involving disciplines on top of drilling, completions, production, refining, chemicals and information technology; like organization, leadership, culture, people management and continuous improvement (Lean Management) and we urge clients to take this wider focus to ensure best possible outcomes. This is nowadays also known as Business Transformation.
It’s precisely this correct mixture of technical and organizational skills that make DOFs successful, as best practice cases show, and DOFAS consultants have been and are deeply involved in those cases, adding and shaping new practices.

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DOFAS Vision Statement

DOFAS’ Vision is to help the Oil & Gas community and related stakeholders maximize the value obtained from the combination of techniques globally named “Digital Oilfield” by providing assessment services to facilitate collaboration among parties, help identify issues impacting the DOF project or initiative and identify and realize areas for improvement, leading to higher returns on investment and better HSE performance.


DOFAS Mission Statement

DOFAS Mission is to provide independent assessment services to review the company’s Digital Oilfield projects/initiatives along the three basic dimensions of People, Process and Technology, in order to identify and address issues and opportunities for improvement that lead to a higher return on investment. DOFAS reviews technical aspects, work processes, approach, design and philosophy of Real-time Operations Centers and similar environments, change management strategy, organizational changes, etc. in the context of an overarching project philosophy and objectives, project management plan and stakeholders’ objectives. DOFAS focuses in identifying weaknesses and risks that could negatively impact the project before they materialize and in proposing solutions at an early stage, as well as identifying, proposing and realizing areas of improvement. DOFAS also performs the role of providing independent opinion on the company’s DOF strategy, specific objectives, expected results, in the wider context of the company’s culture, HR policies and organizational model, as well as doing a sanity check on the alignment with the overall corporate strategy and philosophy.