Abelssoft HappyCard Pro for Free 2023- Create Invitation Cards

Download Abelssoft HappyCard 2023 for free – Software that allows you to create your own cards, business cards comes with 50 professional card templates for events like birthdays

Abelssoft HappyCard software overview Create invitations, business cards: Abelssoft HappyCard allows you to create your own cards and business cards with just a few clicks. HappyCard helps users with a simple to use interface to create invitations with just a few clicks. Cards are made creatively, without any prior knowledge. No matter if you want to make an invitation, greeting card or a gift card: HappyCard comes with 50 professional card templates for events like birthdays, parties, weddings, etc.

Features and characteristics Abelssoft HappyCard Pro:

Design Assistant

Even untrained makers will quickly achieve great results with the help of HappyCard design assistants. Very simple, step by step.

Serial card feature

Invitation cards are generated once and are created to send them out to various guests. With HappyCard, the name changes according to your list and is correctly output for every card.

Instant sharing

If you want to send cards quickly to friends, the most comfortable way is to look online. Simply copy the link and send it to your friends.

Versatile export function

As soon as your masterpiece is complete, you can print it, export it as PDF, JPG, PNG or BMP, or get a link to share via Facebook, Twitter and your other apps.

Abelssoft HappyCard Pro lets you create visually appealing gift cards, invitations and greeting cards by customizing one of the templates that come with your own images and text.

While designing an invitation or gift card takes some effort, with the right tools at hand, the whole process can become less time-consuming and more efficient. HappyCard is one of those Windows software that allows anyone to design gift cards, invitations and business cards.

Provides multiple template options Abelssoft HappyCard Pro:

With a variety of customizable templates, HappyCard expertly combines words and images to create impressive designs for a variety of occasions.

You can design gift cards and gift certificates for friends’ birthdays or other special occasions, as well as Christmas, birthday and baby greeting cards, as well as condolences and thanks.

Regarding invitations, this app includes several wedding and party templates.

Of course, you can delete the templates and start from scratch with a blank page.

Remember that you have a lot of subjects to choose from. There are different ways to represent hearts, food, birthday symbols, animals, arrows, stars, speech bubbles, as well as floral decorations and ribbons on cards. Well-designed dividers can help you show off different parts of your design. It also comes with lots of cool stamps that can be used for many different things.

As a bonus, you can also import images from your computer and include them in your cards, as well as write your own text in stylish fonts.

You can export your cards to your PC in different formats, print them out or share them on social networks or via email.

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Features of Abelssoft HappyCard Pro:

Comes with many graphic elements like stamps, banners, forms, etc.
Outstanding invitation card design
50 professional templates
Design assistant: no experience needed, invite designers
You can print the invitation or save it as a PDF, JPG, PNG or BMP file
Serial card feature
Simple to use interface.
Get Free Abelssoft HappyCard Pro:
Just download the gift version from this Abelssoft website (Xmas version).

Install software. It is pre-activated and you don’t need any license key.

However, if it shows the “Sign Up” window, enter your name and email address and click the “Get Free Unlocked Emails Now” button.

Confirm your email address and activate the full version.


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