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Outertech Cacheman is software designed to help you improve your computer’s performance by tweaking several operating system settings.

It boasts a clean and simple interface that offers direct access to the processes that are currently running on the computer. You can kill or restart the selected process, as well as open the folder where the application is stored directly from the main panel.

In addition, you can see information about the CPU and RAM usage and set the priority level for the running processes to specify which tools should run at full or slow speed.

It is possible to lower the priority of background applications that use a lot of CPU, change the process priority for programs that run in full-screen mode, and create a list with processes to be excluded from the priority operation.

In addition, “Cacheman” allows users to configure the cache parameters by limiting the space used for temporary Internet files for Firefox and Internet Explorer, and others.

You can make various adjustments related to the creation of short file names, had disk defragmentation, NTFS last access updates, bandwidth limitations, maximum IE connections for server and others.

Before proceeding with the system adjustments, it is advisable to save your settings to a file so that you can restore them if something goes wrong.

If you don’t want to manually configure the multitude of dedicated parameters, you can use the “Auto-Optimize” function, which examines the system and automatically applies the best settings and system adjustments.

It is possible to choose a basic optimization mode or select one of the selected profiles designed for maximum performance or stability, mobile devices, computer games, digital audio workstations, web servers and others.

All in all, “Cacheman” offers a variety of features when it comes to improving your system performance. Thanks to its automatic optimization mode, this tool is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

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Features of Outertech Cacheman Full Download

  • Manage computer memory (RAM)
  • Set process priority permanently
  • Manage running applications
  • Show free RAM and processor usage
  • Speed ​​up your computer by optimizing cache

Title: Outertech Cacheman v10.70.0.4
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows* View Change Log

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