How to Download WhatsApp Aero Apk For Android

What’s so special about WhatsApp Aero? You may be wondering where you can get it. In this article, we’ll discuss the features of WhatsApp Aero, its Privacy settings, the Anti-ban option, and how to download it onto your PC. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Android Emulators, you’ll be ready to download and install WhatsApp Aero on your PC. If you haven’t yet done so, we recommend that you do.


WhatsApp Aero has many useful features, including the ability to hide the privacy notice and save your profile picture. Other new features include an advanced home screen style, customizable notification icons, and faster scrolling. With this update, you can customize every aspect of your chat history. If you like the look of your chat history in dark mode, you can opt to display it in light mode instead. There are some bug fixes as well, so be sure to test it out for yourself.

One of the most notable features of WhatsApp Aero is the increased number of emoticons. While in normal WhatsApp, users are limited in the number of emoticons they can use, WhatsApp Aero has a larger collection. If you want to send a cute animal emoji to your friend, you can now use the app’s aero option to get a new one. The same applies to the icon size. It is now possible to change the color of your dots, emoji, and stickers. You can even hide the blue ticks when on conservation mode.

Another useful feature in WhatsApp Aero is the ability to send messages to contacts who have not yet saved their phone numbers. All you have to do is tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner and then tap on Message a Number. After you’ve entered the phone number, tap on the blue tick in the chat box. Once the chat window opens, you can now send and receive messages without having to save the number. There are no limits to the number of conversations you can have with your friends and family with WhatsApp Aero.

Apart from the new features, the new WhatsApp Aero APK comes with a decent theme. Other Whatsapp Mods don’t have themes and customization options such as WhatsApp Aero. If you want to add a new theme, you can also do so through the Aero Theme Store. The new aero theme also allows you to hide the blue tick while typing. You can also read deleted messages with WhatsApp Aero. So if you’re looking for a new theme for your WhatsApp, the app is definitely for you.

Privacy settings

When you download WhatsApp Aero apk for Android, you’ll have a few more options to customize the app. You can hide the floating action button, customize the look of the upper menu bar, and change the style of your WhatsApp status. You can also choose to turn off the contact online toast. You can also schedule messages, set automated messages, and change the transition effect of the app.

While the official WhatsApp app is available for free, you’ll pay a few bucks to download WhatsApp Aero. This app features a smoother interface, enhanced security, and privacy options. The app also lets you hide media in the gallery, so that only contacts you’ve messaged can view it. It also lets you send up to seven hundred MB of video and fifty MB of photos and videos to other people. While it’s still limited in its capabilities, it’s an excellent alternative for anyone who wants more from a messaging app.

To install WhatsApp Aero apk for Android, you must enable installation from unknown sources. Enabling installation from this source is crucial to avoid unwanted security risks. Next, locate the downloaded APK from your device’s storage or downloads. Once you have located it, tap the install button. It should take a few seconds and finish shortly. When the app is done, you’ll need to link your mobile number to your account. After you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to download and install WhatsApp Aero. If you’re unsure, make sure to create an account and link your mobile number to it. If you make a mistake, it’s possible to restore old files from your backup.

Generally speaking, WhatsApp Aero is completely safe to use. It features end-to-end encryption, meaning that no one else can read your messages. But the developers of WhatsApp Aero can’t read your messages. But the app itself is not totally safe. As with other applications, it does have its downsides. You should check the privacy settings before downloading WhatsApp Aero apk for android. If you don’t feel comfortable removing the app from your phone, you can always restore previous conversations.

Anti-ban option

If you’re tired of having to worry about being banned from WhatsApp, download the latest version of WhatsAero, a modified version of the popular messaging app. This app’s anti-ban option will keep your conversations private and secure, and its customizable chat screen allows you to customize your message screen to suit your preferences. WhatsAero also supports Auto-Backup, allows you to create custom themes, and even blocks the ability to forward messages.

Another feature of the Anti-ban option in WhatsApp Aero APK is the back up function, which keeps your data in both the modified and original WhatsApp. Because WhatsAero uses Fouad Mods’ Anti-ban mechanism, there is less than 2% chance of getting banned. If you are banned, just re-install the app and enter your account details again. This means that WhatsApp Aero is safe for your device.

What’s great about this version of the application is that it includes many new features and options. There’s no need to worry about being banned again as the app is incredibly stable. Not only does it include anti-ban features, it also has an updated interface and design. What’s more, it includes many other improvements, including aero themes and privacy mods. But its most impressive feature is its anti-ban option.

The Anti-ban feature of WhatsApp Aero Apk for Android allows you to customize the security settings of the app. You can choose how much protection you want to provide to other users, or whether you want to let them know you’re a safe person. By choosing this feature, you’ll be able to keep your conversations secure and free from harassment. So, download the latest version of the app and start enjoying its many benefits.

3000+ themes

The most notable feature of WhatsApp AERO is that it lets you change its themes. Its themes store has over three thousand options. You can choose your favorite theme and apply it to your chat window. You can also change the font and other fun things. It comes with 14 stunning home screen styles. In addition to allowing you to customize your chat window, you can also hide the blue tick when no one is watching it.

One of the best things about this new version of WhatsApp is that it has an incredible range of features. You can load up to 3000 free themes right from the app. Aero also gives you the option to reset your preference, and reset everything back to default. If you want, you can delete all saved and installed themes. You can still view deleted messages and videos. And if you’re not a fan of themes, you can simply turn off the theme.

In this version, you can choose from one of three thousand themes. This makes it possible for you to change your interface to match your personality. You can also change fonts. Aero also features anti-delete options, which means that if you accidentally delete a message, it will not be deleted. It is a perfect alternative for WhatsApp, and it offers the ability to change themes easily.

What’s more, WhatsApp Aero is 100% safe to use. Its end-to-end encryption ensures that no one else can read your messages. In addition to this, you can also download custom gifs or emojis and customize the status. What’s more, there are no harmful codes in the app, so it’s safe to install. This mod has been downloaded more than a million times by users and has a reputation for being fast and reliable.

Safe to use

WhatsAero apk is a safe alternative to WhatsApp. You can use it on your phone without fearing the risk of being tracked or spyed on. This application offers additional features, such as security and self-defense, compared to its competitors. You can send videos and images up to 700 MB in size, and you can also use it for protected conversations. You can also hide media files from the phone gallery so that your friends don’t have access to them.

What makes WhatsApp Aero different from other applications is its anti-ban functionality. Users will be able to send larger files, customize the app’s interface, and lock it with a fingerprint. This application also offers secure storage for your data, but you should be aware that the app can share your personal information with third parties. The application has no official iOS or Windows PC version. You may have to download it from a third-party website if you are unsure of its legitimacy.

The latest version of WhatsApp is available for download for Android. This version offers new features, including a customised default profile, a custom background, and more. It also comes with more customizable features, like adding your own themes, and increasing the amount of images and videos you can share. It’s better than the original version, so if you want to customize your WhatsApp, consider downloading this app and using it safely.

When downloading WhatsApp Aero apk for your Android device, you should authorize the installation of applications from unknown sources. If you’re running Android, you can tap the “Unknown Sources” button in your Settings. If you’ve enabled the option, you’ll be prompted to enter a verification code. Once you’ve finished that, you’re ready to install WhatsApp Aero on your phone.

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