LRTimelapse 6.1.2 Build 691 (Win/Mac) Free Download

LRTimelapse Pro

LRTimelapse is a professional software designed specifically to help filmmakers, photographers and artists create time-lapse videos with the help of editing, keyframing, grading and rendering operations. The tool allows you to create movies with the help of Adobe After Effects, Lightroom or Camera RAW.

Multi-tab layout

  • The tool comes packed with many dedicated parameters, so you should take some time and experiment with the built-in features to get the most out of it. You can rely on the tips to see a brief description of each function and check the online tutorials.
  • It offers quick access to the files and folders stored on your computer, so you can easily select the ones you want to process. There is support for a preview panel, and you can play or stop the current animation, search for a position in the keyframes, and also activate the zoom mode.
  • By clicking on a folder, the program automatically builds a list with all detected images and provides information about each one, such as aperture, shutter speed, file name, size, date/time and others. In addition, you can automatically create keyframes, delete keyframes, and also set the default keyframe.

Editing and other convenient parameters

  • LRTimelapse gives you the possibility to change the Adobe Lightroom RAW development parameters over time to get better video quality. Plus, you can turn off your time-lapse movies and use the Holy Grail Workflow to create seamless transitions from day to night.
  • In addition, you can open the folder with your time-lapse image sequence in Adobe Bridge, change the image development settings and export a JPG sequence. Adobe After Effects can be used to finish and render a sequence, because it fully understands the XMP data provided by LRTimelapse.

All in all a great and comprehensive app for time lapse makers

  • All in all, LRTimelapse proves to be a reliable application that comes with a rich set of configuration settings for keyframing and grading time-lapse sequences in all RAW file-based workflows with the help of Adobe Camera RAW development engine implemented in Lightroom and Adobe. Camera Raw.

Features of LRTimelapse Full

  • Animate graduated filters
  • Deflicker images
  • Saturate or desaturate images
  • Fade in/out
  • Do Ken-Burns effects

Title: LRTimelapse v6.1.2
Developer: Gunther Wegner
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows / MacOSX- LRTimelapse supports Lightroom CC Classic, 6, 5 and 4 as well as Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge and After Effects in the corresponding versions.- Liberation History

Download LRTimelapse Pro for PC

LRTimelapse 6.1.2 | Win64 | File Size: 127 MB
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LRTimelapse 5.5.8 | Mac | File Size: 196 MB
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