Macrium Site Manager 8.0.6949 Free Download

Macrium Site Manager Free Download

Macrium Site Manager is a great new addition to the Reflect family of image-based backup solutions. It is now much easier to deploy multiple Macrium Reflect endpoint backup agents and manage them from a central location. IT Administrators will be able to use a customizable Dashboard to see backup status at a glance, along with easy problem identification and resolution.

Features of Macrium Site Manager Full Download

What does Macrium Site Manager do?
Using a clearly defined 4-step process, the new Site Manager allows IT Administrators to discover and group computers and Servers on the network, define who and what is backed up, assign schedules and retention policies and manage backup repositories. Comprehensive event management, alerts and security logging are included and accessible through a browser-based user interface. The architecture leverages commonly used Windows technologies and requires no special skills to install and configure.

What is a Macrium Agent License (MAL)?
Macrium Agent Licenses are installed on the Site Manager Server and each license provides a number of seats. These seats are automatically assigned to computers because they are connected to the Site Manager server. If a computer is removed from the Site Manager server, the seat is freed up for use elsewhere. This makes using MALs quick and easy to use as they require no special client configuration. Multiple seats can be managed with a single key, making key and license management easier.

Latest Site Manager update

New Panel
The new dashboard not only looks better than the old dashboard, it allows you to resize and manage widgets more easily via drag and drop. It also includes some quick alert tiles at the top to focus backup managers on any areas that need attention.

New Look and Feel
As part of our ongoing program to bring a more unified look to the Site Manager, MultiSite and the Partner Portal, we’ve improved the UI in Site Manager?—?This is most obvious in the new dashboard, but the menus, tables and many others components have been updated.

Opening Image Files
From the Browse interface in the repository view, image files can now be opened and explored. Any file from the file system can be downloaded in a browser without leaving the Site Manager interface. This feature is intended to help customers who only need a few files from a backup?.

Improved Summary Emails
The daily summary emails have been updated to include more information?—?backups active at the time of email generation, computers that have not started backups because they were offline, computers that have not been backed up for a user-configurable number of days, and more. This puts enough context into the daily emails that an administrator can spot anything that is a cause for concern in their backup configuration quickly.

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Title: Macrium Site Manager v8.0.6949
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows- Liberation History

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