Password Folder Pro 2.4.1 Free Download + Portable

Password Folder Pro Free Download

Password Folder Pro, naturally, doesn’t need much explanation. It is this application created to secure any selected folder with a password. The way it works is innovative. After you unlock the restricted folder with the set key, the folder does not return to the locked position.

This means that the user will have to re-lock the folder every time it has been unlocked. Ideally, you can use this program to lock certain folders when you pass your computer from one user to another.

Features of Password Folder Pro Full Download

Plain and simple

  • The program, once installed, will display a simple window containing a colored folder with a lock drawn on it. The program works with the drag and drop technique, which means that you can drag a specific folder onto the application window and register it with a password. You can also manually locate the folder.
  • The program will ask for a password and confirmation. The folder itself will have its icon changed to the program’s own design. Here’s how you can keep track of your password-locked folders.

Password Folder Pro Full

Does not need to be always launched

  • If you think that the application needs to be run every time, you are wrong. When unlocking a folder, the program will automatically launch, asking for the set password. When the folder is unlocked, its icon returns to the original Windows icon.
  • Relocking the folder means you have to repeat the whole process again. Advanced settings include the option to set one password for all folders, and right-click the shortcut.
  • Password Folder is a great choice if you’re looking to quickly lock sensitive information away from the reach of other users. It doesn’t provide advanced options, which means it doesn’t seem like an effective option for use outside of your household or some smaller businesses. However, its friendly approach gives basic and more advanced users the ability to increase their privacy in a fast way.

Title: Password Folder Pro 2.4.1
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows– Official website does not provide any information about changes in this version

Download Password Folder Pro for PC

Password Folder Advantage 2.4.1 | File Size: 2 MB
UsersDrive | Upload | Direct

Portable Password Folder Advantage 2.4.1 | File Size: 2 MB
UsersDrive | Upload | Direct

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