StableBit CloudDrive Free Download

StableBit CloudDrive Free Download

StableBit CloudDrive A secure virtual hard drive powered by the cloud. Create an indistinguishable virtual hard disk from a real disk. Store real data in the cloud provider of your choice (or locally).

Features of StableBit CloudDrive Full Download

Full round-trip encryption

  • Your data is immediately encrypted the moment it is written to your cloud drive.
  • Your data remains fully encrypted until it is read from the cloud drive.
  • Your data is never stored in unencrypted form, on your local hard drive or in the cloud.

Trust no one

  • Only you have the only key that can access your data.
  • No one can come to us and ask us to decrypt your data. The only person who can decrypt your data is you.

Secure algorithm

  • StableBit CloudDrive uses low-level kernel-based encryption for maximum performance and full round-trip encryption support.
  • The industry standard AES-256 CBC is used to encrypt every bit of the data.
  • The main operating system services (cryptography API: Next Generation) are used for all hashing and encryption functions in the kernel (FIPS 140-2 compliant).

Full disk duplication

  • To protect data against loss or corruption in the cloud, It can store data twice in the storage provider for redundancy.

Duplication of locked data

  • Duplicate the most critical parts of the cloud disk to protect it from loss or corruption in the cloud.
  • It is an analysis of disk and file system layouts to isolate the most critical data structures such as the master file table and directories.
  • Does not exceed full disk deduplication, but still offers data corruption protection for the most critical data structures.

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StableBit CloudDrive Full

Title: StableBit CloudDrive v1.2.2.1598
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows- Liberation History

Download StableBit CloudDrive Full for PC

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