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VectorStyler Free Download

VectorStyler is an advanced illustration and drawing software. Create illustrations, logos, icons, designs, typography, vector art for screen, print and web

Features of VectorStyler Full Download

All drawing tools without subscriptions
VectorStyler provides a complete set of drawing, design and illustration tools needed for modern design. With its many new features, VectorStyler redefines and extends the tools available to illustrators and designers, improving the creation of complex illustrations and designs.

Shape Effects
Create and edit non-destructive shape effects on objects or groups of objects. Shape effects can be used to adjust the shape of objects, creating various distortions or adding details to shapes. Shape-effect parameters can be edited interactively on the canvas. Use parametric distortion effects to change the shape of objects. Create a mesh, envelope or elastic warp effect for finely tuned warp distortions. Create dynamic offsets of shapes and edit the offset distances interactively on canvas. Use the Shape Effects panel to create and edit multiple effects on selected objects.

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Image Effects
Add live image effects to vector objects and groups. Choose from over 100 image effects, each with multiple options. Image effects are non-destructive, and can be changed or removed at any time. Adjust image effect parameters interactively on canvas, for better visual control. Image effects can be created and edited using the Image Effects panel. All image effects are live, and the vector objects and shapes remain editable. Combine multiple image effects to create custom filters. Import and use SVG filters directly from the Image Effects panel.

VectorStyler Full Download

Vector Brushes
Create and edit real vector brushes. The content of a vector brush is a set of editable vector objects that are stretched along the shape using various brush types. All Adobe Illustrator brush types can be imported and fully used in VectorStyler. Vector brushes can be of 4 types: Art, Pattern, Scatter or Bristle brushes. In Art brushes, a group of vector objects is stretched according to the shape, where the stretching is controlled by the brush options. Vector brushes can be combined with calligraphy pen options and variable profiles to control the brush width.

Advanced Typography
Set advanced text formatting with text frames or bulleted text. Text can flow within multiple linked frames, across multiple artboards and canvases. Text frames can contain multiple columns, and columns can be balanced. Flow text in and around any shape. Use a multiline paragraph set for optimal paragraph width text layout. Align point text to a path with an anchor, updating the text positions when the path is modified. Use the node tool to directly fit the baseline of point text into any shape, and create text path effects. Create and edit right-to-left or bidirectional (Unicode) text.

Title: VectorStyler 1.1.060
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows- Liberation History

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